: 44.02 million km²
: 48
: 4.49 Billion

About Asia

Asia is a vast continent that takes up a third of the entire world’s land area; making it the continent with the highest population. The continent of Asia is so large and diverse that it often is divided into sub-regions; Nothern Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, and South-Eastern Asia. Asia is a continent of uniqueness, fascination and bewilderment all brought about by its cultures, economies, populations, landscapes, plants, and animals. The oldest civilizations, highest peaks, populous cities, and tallest buildings are all found in Asia.  Asia is home to Himalayas, Ural Mountains, Kunlun Mountains, Arabian Desert, Gobi Desert, Takla Makan Desert, Thar Desert, Island of Japan, Mount Everest, and Siberia.